Who We Are

Trini Vertical

About Us

We are a Multi-Vendor Marketplace that allows multiple wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers, exporters, etc. to list their products on our E-commerce platform & benefit from a large amount of traffic. Our Platform lets the vendors manage their product orders, shipping, and returns under our site Trinivertical.com & share shopping cart.

Shortly About Our Company

What We Do

With an unlimited number of vendors and customers, products and orders – Our platform has a huge capacity to easily handle it all. Besides, you don’t have to rack your brains figuring out how to fit your business into the platform capabilities. It’s easy to fine‑tune your marketplace exactly as you need due to open source code and tons of ready features for marketing (promotions, special offers, reporting and analytics) – expanded sales channels, handy store management, excellent customer experience and more.

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Company Philosophy

We are committed to being recognized as a leader in Ecommerce in Trinidad and Tobago.  We create opportunities online for products and services that are innovative. Our hallmarks of exceptional service to all our customers, outstanding ethical conduct and resolute corporate responsibility to our communities, people and physical environment must be entrenched within our ethos, and translated to our corporate culture, to ensure that we are recognized island-wide as delivering our vision and achieving our mission as is defined.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to provide quality brand name products at affordable prices. We believe we can accomplish this by eliminating high over heads, by promoting our online presence.
This means we can now pass these savings to you, our loyal customers.
We look forward to serving you!!!

Why People Choose Us

We recognize that without our customers we do not exist as a business. Consequently, we are committed to develop and maintain exceptional customer relations built on mutual trust, respect and loyalty and to constantly and consistently meet our customers’ expectations.  We will correctly identify our customers’ expectations, responding to changing trends and demands. We are devoted to pursuing quality  and will consistently deliver exceptional quality and value in the experience, products and services that we offer to our customers.

Our Specialization

If you are thinking about Signing Up with us to become a Vendor, we can help you in the following areas:

Online Market Place
Online Marketing