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Product Description

Prevent fine wood finishes from drying out with Weiman Lemon Oil. Containing only the purest oils, it imparts a lustrous shine that resists fingerprints, provides UV protection, and smells of fresh lemons.


  1. Apply to a clean, soft cloth then wipe onto surface.
  2. Rub in a circular motion until polish has penetrated the surface.
  3. Dry and buff using a clean soft cloth.

Weiman Lemon Oil soaks deep into each pore, enhancing wood’s natural beauty, luster and shine.

  • Gently cleans, moisturizes & conditions wood
  • UVX-15 Sunscreen protects finishes from damaging UV rays
  • Prevents drying, fading, cracking & discoloration
  • No silicone or wax

Recommended for: All types of wood surfaces including antique wood furniture, tables, chairs, office/bedroom furniture, cabinets, panels, doors & trim.

Size: 16 fl oz

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